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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
Why rule it out in such terms when folk have used it successfully with the correct settings and techniques.

Present an opinion by all means, but don't dissuade folk from investigating for themselves.

For noise that is unmasked at low vol levels, reafir and riding the wet dry mix works very well.

Obviously izotope is very good, I have it, but for the right material reafir is a worthy option
IMHO, the artifacts and program loss from ReaFIR working at its best are unacceptable and crude to the point of being fair to say it flat out doesn't work. I can somewhat appreciate that some people might consider the results using it with lower level noise acceptable with nothing else to compare to.

I don't know what else to say. This is literally the one Reaper tool that made me say WTF while everything else seems incredibly on point. I know how to dial these things in - I thought so anyway. iZotope RX doesn't just work transparently all by itself either and I'm aware of this. Try just taking a sample of noise without carefully bounding the selection and it will be nearly as crude and destructive, for example.

Someone just getting started might hit a wall and decide it's impossible to do (NR with ReaFIR). My point in that comment was more to not give up and instead try a tool that is actually possible to pull this off with.
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