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If there's DSP in there...

Is there a mode that connects the analog input coming from outside directly to the analog input to the speaker's crossover input? Because if there is, I'd want to bypass the AD and DA conversions needed to get in and out of that DSP! Lo grade AD/DA conversions is how you make things sound shitty for no good reason. Actually flashing matching firmware would be an elegant and proper solution. (Presumably over that old serial connection. So a serial to USB adapter... Careful with that. Cheaper ways to find paperweights.)

Next choice (ruling out bypassing DSP and/or if it's the root cause) would be to flip the polarity on the input jack. Unless it's so built up with a PCB soldered jack to make it a PITA. Something is just appealing to me about hand writing "positive phase" with a sharpie on the front of the thing following that.
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