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I'd do this:

Render/freeze a couple second long sample of each test tone. Just 100Hz and 6k are fine too. They're each clearly within each drivers' range respectively.

Then play from those samples when you record the speakers.
You'll have:
<original sample>
<left speaker recording>
<right speaker recording>

You only need to record it with normal connections. Reversing the polarity of the input is academic at this point.

You might want to reverse the left and right inputs to the two speakers and make another pass though. Just in case someone wants to ask if it could be the outputs on your interface.

And OK, there's no digital input.
It sounds like one of these is simply wired up reverse polarity on the analog input. Unless there's digital signal processing ability in those things. And that includes the ability to flip the polarity. And then different firmware would have different defaults...
Could be. All speculation on that bit though.
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