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Originally Posted by alanofoz View Post
If you can open one up just swap the two wires at the speaker. If they are spade connectors it'll only take a second.
I was able to get the speakers out and observe the wiring, which looks to be correct polarity to each driver. What you suggest is interesting to try, but these are active monitors and I don't know how they connect at their respective power amps. Are you saying to swap connections at both tweeter and woofer?

If you really want to know the history of these. I purchased them some time in 2004. I got them from Sweetwater. What they did was send me two (they didn't come in "matched pairs"), but one of them had obviously been returned and had cosmetic damage. I didn't like that they tried to sell something used at a price like it was new, so I requested a return. They sent me back a single monitor. I don't believe at the time I checked the firmware versions, and like I said above I always assumed they were not defective, despite having had problems with mixes.
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