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Sorry for the delay in responding...Thanks again for the thoughts.

I watch Activity Monitor but nothing seems to pop up around the glitch time.
I have Time Machine turned off - there's no back up drive associated with it now. There's not really an "off" box to check that I can see. It's not scheduled or anything either.

I'm running Performance Meter all the time now and noticed that the spikes can be seen and that the "Disk read" speed drops drastically when the glitch happens... I video recorded an example with Activity Monitor and Performance Meter in view while it glitched. I saw that Disk Read was usually hovering around 2.5 Mb/s and then drops to 714Kb/s and even looks like 56kb/s for a moment!

My plugins don't seem to spike or anything else...Seems like my 32gbs of ram are okay with the load

I could post the video if someone would be kind enough to look at it?

I've now learned to watch the clock and not do any "takes" during the time when it will glitch for that session. So frustrating!
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