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Using this (including the "Midi CC to SysEX" JSFX), I was able to do a (three track) Reaper project for Live playing the Rise with the Equator VST, while using my XTouch Compact to change the patches in Equator.

My original JSFX "Live Rack with XTouch" infrastructure (in one track) sends out lots of CC messages with any patch change due to pressing a button. These now are converted to send a Program Change message to Equator to change it's patch and at the same time "Midi CC to SysEX" sends three SysEx messages to the Seaboard to set it's Glide-, Slide-, and Press- sensitivity according to my taste for the appropriate patch. (This perfectly solves the "Semitone to Glide or to second note" problem, which otherwise would prevent doing trills and similar sound engine based note transitions features.)

Next tasks:
- Integrate this in the "Life Rack" project used with the other keyboards and VSTs.
- Allow for using other VSTs to be played with the Rise (by means of the "MPE to single channel" JSFX).
- Allow for VSTs to be controlled by Rise and TC BBCv2 "Dimensions" at the same time.
- Drop the second "hard" keyboard in my live setup .
- Can I remotely switch the Rise "Faders" between "Dimension Control" and "CC" mode ?
- Allow for live tweaking Equator parameters by the XTouch controlled knobs/faders/presets and/or the BBCv2. (Does Equator receive any CCs or would always DAW parameters need to be used ? )


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