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Red, a mod at Roli's support forum said this about controlling Rise via MIDI:

Red on Roli support forum

Here are the main MIDI messages used to configure the Seaboard RISE.

Note 1: if you send the RISE a message that corresponds with a different (unpublished) message, it is possible to change the settings so as to make it temporarily unusable, in which case you may need to manually reinstall the firmware. Sending these messages is not officially supported, and so you do so at your own risk.

Note 2: BLOCKS use the BLOCKS API rather than these messages, and it's not currently feasible to control BLOCKS remotely outside of using the BLOCKS API. For details on developing with BLOCKS, please see

Helpful hint: you may use a MIDI monitor application like SNoize's MIDI Monitor to "spy" on the communication between ROLI Dashboard and the Seaboard RISE. You'll see these messages correspond to the changes you make within ROLI Dashboard.

And now to the RISE's configuration MIDI messages:

SysEx messages
8: Pedal CC (0–119)
14: Use global channel? (0–1)
20: Left MIDI Touch Fader position (0–127)
21: Middle MIDI Touch Fader position (0–127)
22: Right MIDI Touch Fader position (0–127)
23: Glide sensitivity (0–127)
24: Slide sensitivity (0–127)
25: Press sensitivity (0–127)
26: Strike sensitivity (0–127)
27: Lift sensitivity (0–127)
28: Left Touch Fader MIDI CC (0–127)
29: Middle MIDI Touch Fader CC (0–127)
30: Right MIDI Touch Fader CC (0–127)
35: XY Touchpad X CC (0–127)
36: XY Touchpad Y CC (0–127)
0: Pitch bend range (1–96)
6: Zone start channel (sent on the desired zone start channel)
6: Zone end channel
6: Zone global channel
0: Glide/Slide tracking mode (0–4)
2: Pitch octave (0–8); 4 is default
3: Pitch semitone transposition (53–75); 64 is default
4: Press tracking mode (0–4)

These are decimal values, in the SysEx cases you probably need to put them (converted to hex) at the place before XX and keep the rest of the header (17 in your example message translates neatly to 23 mentioned by Red as Glide sensitivity)

Apparently Blocks are not supported , not sure about the Grand.
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