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If PolyThru isn't mentioned in a recent Rise manual I think we can safely say it has been put on the back burner, or discontinued.
Any info I could find hints at PolyThru being a sort of Vst host which automatically holds multiple instances of the instrument you choose and links their parameters, so it's enough to tweak only one of the instances. Basically what the OP is about. I can't find any hint towards channel reduction and handling of control data for single channel usage.

Re your JSFX:
While I can imagine taking the average may be good for Press and Slide data, I think it's not ideal for Glide. It's a Seaboard paradigm that the keywave you glide to determins the target pitch. When using average pitch you'd always have to glide all active notes to get this behavior. If you for example have two notes running and glide only one of them, then the pitch bend will amount to half of the distance you are gliding, which I'd probably find unintuitive (glide two semitones up on the board amounts to pitch only raising a single semitone).

I'd suppose taking the maximum current pitch value would be better. That way you'd also benefit from the "quantization" of the target pitch that happens on Seaboards.
Thinking about it, the "quantization" may have an unfavourable effect on averaged pitch data, too.
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