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SmajjL, DearVR are actually active on this forum. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with in future updates.

For those who don't have multichannel speaker arrays for 3D Ambisonic decoding, Binaural techniques look promising. The difficulty with Binaural though is coming up with either a personalized HRTF for each individual or a good general HRTF compromise that will work well enough with most people.

The only truly convincing Binaural recordings I've heard to date are those made with expensive mics such as the Neumann KU100.
So far, I've been a little underwhelmed by all the software created Binaural systems I've heard, including Waves Nx, DearVR, Blue Ripple, ATK for REAPER and others. Even after extensive tweaking, the best I've achieved is a good left/right image but nothing very convincing front/back and up/down wise.
Maybe it is just that my ears don't fit the average mold too well so to speak.
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