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well, on further thought, it occurs to me I can just have a script that, when I say 'open kontakt pianos' deletes all the presets for kontakt, and loads the piano library.

The fact that the other instances now would see pianos doesn't matter, because when I open the kontakt drum instance, it will do the same thing.

This is presuming I can create a script with a bunch of buttons called 'pianos', 'drums', etc, and each can run the script with the data from its button name, opening the appropriate track and loading its library.

The underlying issue being that I don't want to use the reaper preset menu, because I will be using a touchscreen, and everything needs to be selectable from buttons in a script.

EDIT: well, I guess if I can actually load a preset file by name, I can make my own sublists anyway.... is this possible? If the presets are not in folders that does mean that there is an issue of needing unique names for every single one... but that's manageable

I've just got patch changes set up this way in my live host, and would like to be able to do something similar in REAPER.
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