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Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
I'm thinking about a nomenclature:

We create tags(=buttons) from tracks, so those tracks become "tagged" when they are assigned to a tag.

And there is an option to "show only tagged tracks". This would mean to show only tracks that are assigned to any tag. In reality this means to show only tracks which are assinged to a selected tag.

Maybe just rename the option to "Show only selected" or "Link selection and visibility".

Anyway, this is going to be so useful script. Did not Heda made something like this embedded in the track inspector?
This script is based on Tracktion 6 track tags, that's why there's "show only tagged tracks" :

Originally Posted by cfillion View Post
No need to run reapack-index yourself when submitting to the ReaTeam repository: it's run automatically after uploading or sending a pull request.

1. Add header (examples, documentation) 2. Upload files to the desired category directory in a new branch 3. Create a pull request for that branch.

If everything is OK reapack-index puts the Pull Request status in green (or in red in case of errors).
Very nice, thank you!
Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
Maybe for someone would be useful that when no tag is selected, no tracks are visible, kind of a hard version of "show only selected". But I cannot tell now if that would be useful enough.
Maybe also "inverted" behavior for tags: selecting a tag (button) would hide all tracks that are tagged to that button.

Originally Posted by Sexan View Post
Here you go my good sir!
I've commented all edits with "-- GORAN" (needed to convert track to guid some minor adjustments)
Thank you!

Originally Posted by hopi View Post
spk... thanks so much for solving the docker issue... that works great now

I'm looking forward to whatever else you add\change because this lua is so useful for moving around on big projects
I hope you find it useful
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