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Originally Posted by benf View Post
Hi spk77,

Very useful script. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Originally Posted by Lau View Post
Many thanks for sharing your script which is very useful.

Like bFooz says, tags are not saved in the project, it's so sad!
That would be great to add this functionality to the script
Load/save script data is not implemented yet - this is an alpha version.
I don't know yet where to store the script data:
  • save as project ext state -> data might be too big for this
  • to script path -> I should put this script to ReaPack (for easier maintenance)
  • to project path -> ...maybe

Originally Posted by Sexan View Post
Omg, I won't even use reaper without this....
Bugs or not implemented yet:
1. You can add same folders again and again, maybe some check to only add new ones?
I have fixed this and will upload the new version soon.
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