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Hi, this seem really useful! Here are my thougths:

- it should remember the last docker it was attached in. Also I think the first run should be in a floating window

- somehow incorporate folder colors. Maybe BG of a button in a track color and when the tag is selected, put a yellow(confirugable) border around it

- click into the empty area should unselect/show all tracks

- tags should be remembered on a project level

- tag ordering options - like in a project / alphabetically / user order by dragging? (remembered and freely switchable to other options)

- options - show only tagged tracks, select only tagged tracks, maybe expand only tagged folders/compress others

- UI-wise - center buttons horizontally, center buttons vertically

- on creating new tag from track selection, pop up name dialog

- focus should not stay on the script window (now when unselecting all tags, it stays). Maybe also when the mouse is moved out of the boundaries of the window switch focus to tracks. I want to play/pause any time.

-switchable horizontal/vertical ordering (e.g. I want them all in a collumn all the time in a floating window)
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