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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
Mik, come visit me, you will hear quality, or just go visit any decent studio, you should hear quality, I guarantee you, that preamp will not make any difference at all. Go to any major studio in the world, and the likely hood of them having that preamp that costs that much is really nil.

Why pay that much for a preamp when you can get a famous vintage board with all it's preamps for nealy the same cost, maybe a little more.
I'd love to visit you someday Have a cup of coffee or tea, or whatever you guys drink over there in the States

I don;t know why to pay so much instead of buying a vintage neve, but I'd like to find out.

I did hear good preamps, and I hear preamps in my focusrite, which are decent, but lack the spark of generated harmonics that those good preamps had. That's why I'm curious how most expensive preamp in the world sounds
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