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Even if I had the most well tuned room built from the ground up with no expense spared with top of the line B&W or Adams speakers I don't think I'd find any way to justify that price tag for a preamp. You can get a hell of a boutique preamp for $1000! (a stretch itself) So add another $59,000 for .000000000000000000000000000000001% improvement? (assuming any improvement at all) Nope! I'll get a 3rd 5.1 speaker array first, thanks.

The audio sales world is indeed an odd thing. You get the Worst Purchase treatment on the one hand. True garbage and fake products with zero value. Tricking people into buying "soundbars" instead of speakers and the like for example. (It's a fake speaker that doesn't work even a little if you haven't seen that.) Pure snake oil. Then on the other hand you get the fake audiophile catalog fare with the $1000 USB cable described as though it carried analog signals and other bs claims or little ceramic speaker wire stands with some energy crystals and wrist magnets built into them or some shit.

The happiness and light at the end of the tunnel are the products aimed at musicians and engineers that deliver an incredible bang for the buck. A computer with an audio interface turns out to be the most friendly consumer system you can get nowadays too.
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