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Originally Posted by Chris4943 View Post
I guess that makes me an asshole?
You're currently on your best way to behave like one

Joking aside ... I understand your frustration. But I guess the topic is more complex as you think. We talk about a software, that Cockos stopped to further develop. Then someone finds out, that the source code just needs to be compiled on a current Mac to work on Intel OSX. But he can't just upload the new compiled version because of copyright issues this might cause.

And Cockos is pretty busy fixing Reaper 5 issues. And Cockos is only a very small company with only a few developers. That's why I said, that it might help, if Cockos would get the new compiled version to place it for official download.

Btw, compiling means to convert a code that is readable by developers into machine code that can be executed, in a other words an executable program or app. And XCode is Apples development platform (program) to write / create, test and compile software / programs.

That's why I said, you need basic knowledge about development, if you want to compile it yourself. It would be a lot of work to explain everything in an understandable way for non-devs.

That's why I asked to involve Cockos into this "forum success" to find a solution for everyone.
Greetings from Germany

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