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Originally Posted by Aymara View Post
That means, that he downloaded Xcode from the Mac App Store for free amd compiled the source code, which is available also for free here in the forums.

You know, what compiling a source code means? You should at least have basic knowledge as a developer.

Maybe our friend can ZIP his results and send it to the official devs, so they can create a download for all?
Developer? I'm just some guy trying to make a podcast in my living room and get better quality audio than skype or a cell phone.
There seems to be quite a few 10 year old programs floating around on the net that would allow me to do this, but they're all 'almost' ready for prime time.
Look, I'm trying to play ball. I'm investing hours and hours and days into trying to get up to speed on this stuff, but its honestly kinda frustrating going on dead-end after-dead end ending up with hours of wasted time for my trouble. I know the world doesn't owe me anything, but I don't think it's crazy to be a little frustrated by a developer having an official website with programs that apparently don't work. I'm torn between my optimism that I'm glad its at least still out there and I MIGHT be able to get this stuff to work, and a pessimism that makes me wanna throw my hands up and ask why the hell are all these developers paying for hosting of their websites with broken links if their products don't freaking work??? Take down the damn site already and don't give me false hope!
And this isn't unique to ninjam. I've been down half a dozen other roads, downloaded and installed half a dozen other apps that just don't really work in the end, or apparently require you to be some kind of freaking computer software development engineer to turn on!
Is it about the money? I got a paypal. I'll pay for software that works. I don't demand a free ride.
I'm in a 'user' forum trying to figure this crap out. I'm not a developer. I clicked on a link on the 'official' Cockos Ninjam website and the links are all trash. I guess that makes me an asshole?

So what's the bottom line? Somebody on here might have some kind of easily 'compiled' (whatever that means) version of the software that works on modern Macs? What, I gotta be freaking Edward Snowden just to track that down? If it's so easily done, then yes, I begrudge the freaking company that's hosting a webpage of old unusable software download links who's not taking an hour to just do it and update the link on their official website!
I'm no Donald Trump, but why not do that, charge some money for it, and cover your hosting costs for having a website? Maybe I'm missing something, but the current model of keeping a website around with old unusable software that some dude on the dark web may or may not be able to make work seems bizarre. And I'm not the only one. I'm not the first guy to be flabbergasted at how this is being handled even in this 1 thread, let alone the whole forum. At the time of this ranting, there have been 3,969 views in the last 2 1/2 months on this one thread. There's interest in the product. Let's take a knee and get it together people!
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