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In Reaper i have set default to have all faders to -3 and i assume i will always save the loudness thing for last when i am finished and i am digital so, too low and using the volume knob is no problem.
The limiting effect then was just an example if i would go crazy on purpose pushing my luck, and i was just trying to discribe different kind of "distortions" or bad sounding problems in general.
I don't have the limiting problem or distortion as far as i can tell on any speaker with the end result.
But since it's my ears and some others and not measuring equipment that is the judge, i wouldn't know for sure nope.
That was good that you emphesized Everything so i woke up, then it sound like a plan suddenly.

Thanks Ash.

Also, i love your "fails to swing" word because i find having words for different things very useful so i have more things to "notice" when i listen for stuff, i will borrow that one from now on, thanks.

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