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ashcat! woah! thank you, lovely reading and effort.

So, i will try to ask questions since i am fearless and curious to no end.

As for the distortion you are talking about, my first thinking is the obvious that most people should be able to hear pretty easy, like for example, the broken speaker effect or something like that, surely it can't be that you mean then?
So, are you talking about "meassurable" distortion which shows up in analyzers or is it just plain logic of math how the laws of "nature works?
I am having a hard time in getting the distortion of the obvious kind though with my method (since i don't abuse it) .. but .. ..

I can notice that the rest of the EQ register starts to get weaker/lower when i push my luck, like turning the level down in some way effect (weak/bad) think many is familear with that effect also and when that happends, i step back as i am alergic to that stuff.
So, if that kind of effect qualify as a "distortion" as you mention it then i am tempted to think/say that, OK then i "should" have a little bit of free space to use my 30/60hz EQ on my setup then.
Theory of course.. by ears, not based on technical facts skills which i respect and lack.

Lowering EQ when mixing technique i know, but doing this as a solution for my speakers i am not sure if it sounds like a good idea to me just by instinct impression.
Let me explain:

So say, if i use that trick at the end just before my monitors instead of my 30/60hz thing right? when i later mix, i am going to use that technique also anyway, so would not this solution cause problems/conflict with that mixing technique also just like my boosting 60hz thing affects my mixing also, only that, my 60 thing sounds good to "me" so ive "heard"

Like for example, now when i boost the 60hz and then mix yeah?, i will be forced to use less boost in Reaper and i will end up in a better mix (so i think) even if i break rules what ever plus i am finding it easyer to hear whats going on around 60 which is also the point of my behaviour. (so i think)
So, would not the lowering technique also affect my mixing in the same way in choosing how i lower stuff, i might lower stuff less and end up with a too little of that in the end results.

Also, your lowering suggestion, would that be on a fixed spot like "my" 60hz boost?
Because the higher i get when sweeping in general, the easyer it is to hear, that is, i only have "problem" with 60'ish and not the rest.
So messing with other than 60hz will "sounds" to me like i will mess with things that is not broken kinda feeling.
Thats why the lowering thing puts me of at first thought, it might work though! just saying.

I'm afraid i have neighbours i was about to say, but i am mixing at low levels at all times exept for the times i want a quick feel of what is what when playing loud.
If you are saying this is common amongs all monitors my size and below then that will atleast make me feel better.
I would haveto get used to the results memorize and develop experience simply then i guess? i can live with that..

All of the above is thoughts, i doo get what you are saying and i am digesting it slowely.
Thank you for teaching me stuff, i am getting more confident in my head now.


Jeff & Mr.G, i love your way of thinking and i wish everything was that simple believe you me.

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman breaks myths for a living and makes mistakes all the time, they correct them with the help of observers and questions/ing also i believe.

I prefeer Your version though..

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