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@DarkStar: Suggestion on audio device is purely to confirm that SD3 in general is able to talk to his Audio MIDI interface independently of Reaper, which I dont think we had established? The paths to all aspects of SD3 are also contained in the same menus (Settings/general) in both the standalone and the VSt, so a logical thing to check.

I am coming round to the idea of this being something that went wrong in his initial SD3 installation, frankly.
I can indeed attach a project, but what I used was his own project, so not much point sending it back to him. FWIW I added SD3 to both the tracks in his test project & they both work fine. So - Maybe use something like IOBit`s Uninstaller Free to totally remove the whole of SD3 including any residual files and then use TT Product Manager to do a new clean install would be my advice. Bet it works.
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