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Geoff, I'm getting something really weird with SelectedTrackNavigator. The last/highest track in the project doesn't work.

1. Start with an empty project.

2. Create a single track. Move a fader press a button. Nothing.

3. Add a second track. Try to change something on it. Nothing. Now, select track 1. Now everything works. Select track 2 again. Nothing.

4. Add a third track. Select track 1. Works. Select track 2. Now it works. Select track 3. Nothing.

And so on...

5. Load a project...use SelectedTrackNavigator to move around and change some stuff...everything works until...

6. Select the last track in the project...nothing works on that track.

When I say nothing works, I mean the fader goes to minimum, the display blanks out, any selected track buttons stop working.
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