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Fun fact/warning about the X-Touch One: MCU Std and MCU User modes only use a single fader for tracks...BUT, the MIDI address of that fader stays the same as the last channel you selected in the other MCU Modes. It's not hardwired.

So for example:

Let's say you're were last in MCU Cubase mode, controlling [virtual] Fader5 with a MIDI address beginning e4. Then tomorrow you decide to go into MCU Std mode. MCU Std mode will be stuck on Fader5 because it was the last fader selected in one of the MCU DAW modes. To get MCU Std mode to work on Fader1, you'd have to go into one of the DAW modes, select the first fader, then go back to MCU Std mode.

dberman, I think this is a bit part of why we couldn't get the MCU Std or MCU User mode working in the past. Bizarre that Behringer didn't just hardwire the track fader to Fader1 in MCU Std and MCU User modes.
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