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Originally Posted by Funkybot View Post
You can also set the Behringer up in MCU Std or MCU User modes and it'll revert to (I believe) just two fader:. Fader5 (no idea why they didn't chose Fader1) and MasterFader. I guess the idea in that mode is that you'd select the channel in the DAW and the X-Touch would follow the active selection (basically: SelectedTrackNavigator in CSI).

I didn't spend a ton of time with that mode, but it's nice having that option. Both methods could work equally well with CSI. The nice thing with the Mackie DAW modes is everything works out of the box with the typical MCU.zon and .mst files. Then you just tweak from there. The downside is you may not want to work in banks of 8 on a one-fader surface, and that's where navigating via a Selected Track Navigator may make more sense.

At this point, I'm still customizing the surface, so I haven't fully explored both options to figure out which I prefer, but the nice thing with CSI is how flexible it is so I'm not sure we need any one standard. I think that one ICON single-fader surface uses the 9-virtual-fader approach, whereas I'm not sure wha the FaderPort does. I tend to think, the best approach may vary from vendor to vendor, unit to unit, user to user, so no need in trying to setup a standard approach. If I setup a 9-fader .zon and others want to use it, they can, and if someone wants to setup a 1-fader .zon for the same surface and users want to use it, they can.

Anyway, just my random, meandering thoughts. Definitely plan on eventually trying both ways.
Thanks for the insight, I can see some experimentation is in order!
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