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Default Gain Staging and JS VU FX with embedded UI

;TLDR - looking for an FX or FX chain that facilitates gain staging for a set DB level that has an embedded MCP UI

So, much to my embarrassment I've only now realized that gain staging has changed to accommodate the new realities of digital processing, and my "hot without clipping" tactic from the analog days IS WRONG!!! Sorry, I'm late to the party.

I decided that I would stage with an average -18dbFS on the strip input. I dug up an old Gain JS I created and put it as a default FX chain for new tracks.

But it doesn't show an embedded UI in the mixer strip, so I can't see the gain output levels at a glance, and that would be handy because I've got a lot of old tracks songs to re-mix with this newfound knowledge. So, I inserted the JS summing VU which DOES show an embedded MCP UI.

That's nice, but in other tutorials I've seen for other VU plugins, you can set the 0 for the VU meter to be a specific db level, and I see no way to calibrate the JS VU so that zero is -18db.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to achieve what I want, to create a gain-staging FX chain that lets me quickly confirm input gain levels are hovering around the sweet spot visually in the mixer?
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