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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
I think I get it. I'll try again later today or tomorrow. The fader is where I might have issues.

Also, aside from the obvious track controls and transport, there's lots of buttons that are more sonar specific (such as AudioSnap). Should I still label them as they are on the control surface, or...?
Don't worry about the faders you've already given them to me E0 00 00 , etc.
They're exactly the MCU mappings.

The most important ones will be the "odd" ones, ones specific to your surface.

You give a perfect example: AudioSnap

The requirement for success is good naming convention.

So, IMHO, I believe whenever possible, the name should be exactly what is printed on the surface -- e.g. AudioSnap.

That way folks will be able to share maps easily.
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