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For BT/WiFi. Many drivers for that classes of devices for bad written (at least for Windows), producing DPC relevant delays. I guess everyone who has traced the problem down to particular BT/WiFi, has made general conclusion these technologies should be avoided on a DAW PC. For that reason, many are using external WiFi AP devices connected throw Ethernet.
As with any technology, there is no general "compatibility" problem with BT/WiFi. They usually have higher latency then wired connection and more important greater probability of re-transmission (random extra latency). But that has NO effect on the level of Control Surface speed, usually not even on the level of MIDI performance speed.

For VS700. There is original Cakewalk source-code (on github), obviously with all messages and processing. Not easy to interpret without ACT API knowledge, but I can help in case there are particular questions.
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