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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
Geoff, would I be able to use something like this to pull data from the console and map the button data?

I'm having a hard time finding anywhere that has this info, so wondering if there's a way I can pull that data for you and give you a printout or something?
Yes, after you get tired of searching you can do it the hard way

You need an entry for each control -- like Mute1 90 08 00-7f

Mute1 names the button on the surface.

You can name it anything you want, but of course sensible names like Mute1, as opposed to say Giraffe, generally work better

The next numbers are the midi message.

The first 2 uniquely identify the switch and the last one is a range, in this case, on and off.

You need an entry like that for every control that puts out a midi message.

A lot of work, if you can find the info somewhere it's way easier, but you can get the job done using Midi-Ox.
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