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[QUOTE=fundorin;1943985] Yeah, right. Tell that to that singer, who's standing it the vocal booth, controlling Reaper from a tablet, while the main console, running Reaper, is located in another room or even at the other floor.

Or you can tell the same to the musicians, who are playing live and all five of them are controlling their monitoring signals and FX plugin parameters in Reaper, which is running on the PC, inside the sound engineer's booth, located across the auditorium.

Did I forgot to mention, that the sound engineer is also recording the concert in Reaper, at the same time?

And for those, who want to get access to Reaper from their device quickly, Reaper devs even created Reaper Web Control..../QUOTE]

All good reasons for them to INCLUDE bluetooth capabilities.

Not to require it.

You really don't see the difference? Dude ....
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