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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
Hello, I've tried to read through this thread, and I'm not quite sure what this is for exactly regarding control surfaces.

I am new to Reaper. I have a VS700 Console (Roland/Cakewalk product). From what I know it uses MCU protocol. I have the Klinke ext but it doesn't really add a whole lot of function over the standard MCU driver. I know i'm in a huge minority with this console, but worth a shot.

Whatever it would take to get you to get this working would be more than wonderful.

Currently on top of my list of what's missing are the LED track levels not lighting up, track display pan info, and many of the buttons are not assignable, not recognized to assign actions.

Although we may get sidetracked at times, you've come to the right place

I had a quick look but didn't find info on the controls and midi messages for the VS700.

If you can research that, we can build you a set of maps that will exploit whatever features are available.

We are close to a pre-alpha release, so your timing is great.
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