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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
Where did you get that number? You mean, the picture? It's the overall RAM load of my PC. Not BT process. Firefox is eating memory for breakfast:
Ah, when you said first number, thought you meant the row above the memory usage.

Once again CPU usage, not memory is what's important here, in particular as it pertains to DPC latency.

DPC latency is NOT the same as audio latency, although they can be related.

Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
I highly doubt it. What is most likely is that he still thinks that BT protocol is as slow as it was in times of version 1.1/1.2.

Modern BLE works at the same frequencies as modern wi-fi and, AFAIR, they're very similar in terms of speed/latency.
The latest BT 5.0 has 6,25 MB/s speed. I had no noticable audio latency with BT 4.2 headphones and my phone. Obviously, BT 5.0 is at least two times faster with same same/better latency.
So, if it's good for audio streaming, it would be best for simple midi/osc protocols.
Once again, not about audio latency.

However, considering the new version, do you have numbers for the burst system load caused by BT 5.0 vs BT1.x ?
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