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CPU usage is the first number on the picture above.

I've never in my life, having dozens of PC's, experienced any performance decrease of the DAW because of BT. I'm operating Reaper with BT mouse, as i said earlier. No issues, at all.
And I'm not using some fancy BT dongle. It's one of the cheapest 4.0 adapters. And it's performing excellently.
I've also had no issues with DAW (Reaper) performance, using TouchOSC, Lemur and VI-Control apps on both Android and iOS devices.
If BT is so dangerous for the music, we should suggest Korg, Akai and Yamaha to immediately remove those products from their lineup.

I think, the main issue is not BT, but is that someone is a cable addict here, as the nickname suggests. 🤡
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