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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
I think, not.

Every laptop/tablet PC have BT on board. Heck, even my desktop PC have BT dongle for my mouse, gamepad and wacom tablet.

CPU hogging Bluetooth support on my PC:

1.2 MB of RAM. This is what might've slowing down my PC all the time. It seems like 32Gb of the installed RAM aren't enough. Damn. 🤠
Once again apples and oranges.

The data you present is about memory usage, not CPU usage, which is what is important here.

Using memory doesn't slow anything down until paging comes into play which, on modern hardware, is probably quite infrequent, unless you're pushing things really hard.

What does matter are the sudden bursts of CPU activity caused by an app (apparently Bluetooth in this case) which affect DPC latency, which, in turn, affects realtime audio performance.
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