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I think we have a case of apples and oranges here:

Originally Posted by Cableaddict View Post

That's looks good on the surface, but I literally stopped reading as soon as I saw "requires bluetooth to operate."

Bluetooth is one of the few things GUARANTEED to hurt DAW performance. That puts this app completely off the table for serious usage, at least when low latency is desired or required.

How can they not know this?

If they ever wake up, and code it so it can work with the iConnectMIDI2+ device, then I'll eagerly take another look.
This addresses the impact of running the Bluetooth software on a given machine, i.e. the amount of system resources it uses, how it impacts DPC latency, etc.

Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
BLE latency is 6 ms from non-connected state (wake up and start working) and minimal time to send data when awake is 3 ms.

Default control surface update frequency in Reaper is 15 Hz. Or, 66.7 ms.

So, you're fine with control surface plugin's latency, but can't stand Bluetooth's latency? Well, ok, then.
I like your peremptory attitude, anyway.
This addresses the latency behaviour of the software itself in use.

Not comparable as far as I can tell.
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