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This is a relevant issue for me, as I've just gone through the effort in attempting to use REAPER as a "General MIDI" sequencing tool.

Currently means of setting up a ROMpler VSTi and mapping tracks to go to the relevant channels is all well good and all. But once you start using convenience features such as Send/Receive MIDI channel remapping at the receiver end, be prepared to get sad when you export to MIDI.

I would think that if a TRACK (and its subtracks if a folder) had its MIDI Hardware Output option set to a specific channel instead of "Send to original channels", then the MIDI exporter should respect these settings as it is mapping MIDI information on that relevant track. Instead, it ignores that and uses the channel data as-is from the MIDI items. Depending on workflow and size of the project, this can get tedious and time-consuming if after completing a MIDI sequence you find channel information is gone and now you have to do some extra post-processing.

I've put on a quick example here:

obviously the -nothappy.mid file is the exported result. Kind of a bother that the user intuitiveness of basic functions such as program change and track-level mapping (as opposed to item-level) is more tedious and seeing the MIDI exporter ignores convenience features such as channel remapping, this is effectively meaning double-work for the user to post-process before exporting. Dedicated MIDI sequencers don't have this issue by design.
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