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Originally Posted by charles.monteiro View Post
so what's the compelling reason to move over from XP to Win7 64. Using more memory would be one i.e. if one needs it. But does audio perform better ? I heard that Win7 is leaner than Vista Biz, and so for my UMPC that would be a a big plus. How about the USB/midi issues one can get into with XP? Is it easier to performance tweak Win 7 in order to get the optimum profile for a DAW but yet switch to another profile for doing video editing etc.

More memory means that you have the ability to have more programs open at the same time without affecting performance. It also means that the os has less need to page memory to disk and back. W7 x64 supports up to 192 GB. But 8 GB will feel already very smooth!

Audio performance: not necesarily better. Depends on your audio hardware and drivers used.
USB/Midi: depends a lot on the drivers supplied I guess. My edirol pcr is fine on x64 W7.

You don't need to tweak a lot. Especially if you have loads of ram, you elimated the biggest performance killer: hard disk access.

If you have space to create a disk partition, dont hesitate to install W7 onto it.

It's also great in usage.
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