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Default Delta driver stops shut down - Fixed

i installed Windows 7 earlier today no trouble. It all seemed to be working okay but I found I couldn't install the M-audio driver in the normal way. However i found an option to install it in XP compatibility mode - you just right click on the .exe file and the rest is easy enough.

Whoopie - my driver installed, I rebooted and I had sound.

After that though Windows 7 wouldn't shut down. Tried a reinstall, but no luck, so I thought it was all over for me and Win 7. Then I found this on the M-audio forum.

1) Create a .bat file (create txt file and change extention to .bat)
2) Right Click on file > "edit" and enter following info:
net stop "Audiosrv"
net stop "AudioEndpointBuilder"
3) Save file as "Audio stop"(or whatever you want) to your main drive ie: C:\Audio stop
4) Open "run" from start menu and enter "gpedit.msc" (without quotes) and hit "OK"
5) Now navigate from right pain of window "User Configuration" > "Windows Settings" > "scripts (Logon/Logoff)" > "Logoff"
6) From window that opens from clicking "Logoff" Click "Add" then browse to where you saved "Audio Stop.bat" earlier and double click on it.
7) Hit "Apply" and close.
You are done
Window7 will now Automatically stop the Audio services when Shutting Down or Restarting allowing system to complete the process.

if for some reason the audio service doesn't start back up just do the same thing for logon but use "net start" of course and create a whole new titled 'audio start.bat" batch file, just so theres no confusion with what bat file is what. hope this helps you, it did for me. I got this off the windows seven beta forum from a user. It solved it but then my audio service wouldnt load on startup at random times so I added a net start and now works flawless.

good luck!
Very pleased to say it's all working - and shutting down properly now.
Early days yet though
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