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Originally Posted by Edgemeal View Post
Not sure if this helps?
Add and arm param envelopes for focused FX.
Originally Posted by airon View Post
The posted scripts should be all you need.
Right! Thanks guys, this works on my end! Ohhhh, this will save me a lot of clicking
Originally Posted by airon View Post
I keep specific parameters activated and armed, storing them in track templates for ready use, all learned to specific controls.

But when I need to add a plugin and everything has to be locked down across the session, I use a script similar to what was posted here. I wrote a script that just activates and arms everything on selected tracks.

If the posted scripts aren‘t enough, I‘ll post my simplistic one later when I get back to my rig. The focused fx script looks interesting.
Yes, I also made some track templates with armed EQ and COMP. And with Edgemeals script, I am pretty good, but it would be great if you can share your script for arming everything accross the selected tracks when you get the time! I am thrilled to see the code, I used to work as a programmer during highschool.... It's been 20 yrs since that

Also, I wanna say thank you Airon - I realize you're pushing Reaper development to be more suitable for post for years now, and I probably wouldn't be able to switch from PT were there not for your FRs, posts, etc. If you are ever in Budapest, let me know, I wanna buy you a lemonade!
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