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Originally Posted by maxdis View Post
-if I add a track with the Komplete Kontrol plugin and I want to play it with the M32, it seems that I have to select "All MIDI Inputs", because the KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 device is not available on my MIDI device list (also, the Moss instructions advise to disable it in the device list). So, if I have other MIDI controllers assigned to other tracks, the Komplete Kontrol track will play everytime I use a controller other than the M32? This wouldn't be very good...or I'm missing something?
The controller data is routed via the "Virtual Midi Keyboard". That's a limitation I cannot work around.

Originally Posted by maxdis View Post
-if I try to record an automation (for example a track volume change) using a M32 encoder, it seems only to work as "Touch mode", even if I select "Write mode"; on the other hand, if I record some Komplete Kontrol plugin parameter change, it seems to work fine in "Write mode"
Hmm, seems to work fine for me.
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