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Originally Posted by moss View Post
I released version 6.2!

Get it from:
  • APC40
    • New: Shift mode stays active until you release the Shift key.
    • Fixed: Clip indicator was not displayed.
  • Launchpad Pro
    • Improved 2 colors.
  • Komplete Kontrol
    • Fixed: Record option "Record clip" did not start recording when transport was stopped.
    • New: Adapted to protocol version 1.9
  • Midi Monitor
    • New: Log system realtime events
    • New: Setting to filter system realtime events
  • Push 1/2
    • New: You can now tweak the speed of the knobs in the settings (Workflow -> Knob Speed Normal / Knob Speed Slow)
  • Fixed: Did crash Reaper on startup if UserPlugins folder was located in a path with non-ASCII characters.

Great work, Moss! Just installed it. :- )
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