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Default File explorer glitch trick

The electronic artist Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) uses cool edit in the studio and live its a very old audio editing program but it is still revelevant for his performaces. One of the reasons he uses this old program is because you can click on a wav and loop tiny sections of it to create great effects that are unique. You can do this with the file explorer in Reaper.Make sure repeat is on, and loop to the bar is off and just click on parts of the file to find cool parts, when you zoom close you can loop micro sections of the audio and get glitchy aphex twin style sounds it results in a great and quick workflow for that micro edited sound. The next step for this is to route the sound to a channel which can be done quite easily from the file explorer. Then you can record the output and add various effects. This can result in some great sounds and then you can fine edit afterwards. It really feels like playing an instrument. Fourtet will have a dedicated laptop with various instances of cooledit open so that he can fast click on files to create unique sounds and this could be done with Reaper
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