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Default Stretch Markers and Dynamic Splits on Real Drums

I don't know how many use this feature, but it is the bomb for getting drums performed by messy humans like me to sound like we can count to at least four. I have found that to avoid false and untimely triggers, put the VST "turn audio into a midi trigger" on the kick, follow that with ReaSamplematic, and load a cross-stick snare in, render that, and use it as the track for dynamic splitting. As it is a constant volume, and only has the pulse of the kick, setting the threshold is far simpler. Same trick with snare. To really make life easier, don't group the items until you see how close the splits are to the actual signals, and then slide the track around. Now split it again while sharing it with the grouped kit. If you snap that to the grid, the hats and ride and toms still free range a bit, while the kick and snare get on time. Try various grid resolutions, sometimes eight notes work better, sometimes you need 32nd note, depending on the syncopation of kick and snare. If a track has lots of swing, dynamic splits are probably more hassle than useful. I manually just put a marker on the kick that hits the one, and just make at least the measure start on time. This also works if too many markers make things mechanical.
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