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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
One of those rare times when you get speed AND robustness together
That all sounds pretty comprehensive (well the bits I understood anyway) Is there a significant increase in CPU use to achieve it?

Banking on the sends sounds good (although I don't think I've used more than 8 sends ever, but who knows what workflows are around the corner) Just a reminder for blanking/zeroing on unused sends if poss

Been mulling over the FX/Zone thing a bit now that the stack is no more and thinking about what Freex was saying about taking over only part of the C4 surface and then returning to the original splay.

Now, we have the tools to do this at the moment with GoZone but I was wondering if we could finesse it a bit.

Say my initial FX Zone covers the entire C4, A1-D8. I've set up another Zone that only uses B1-B8. Now when I call that Zone only B1-B8 will change, the rest of the C4 will stay as it was originally because it hasn't been overwritten.

When I want to return B1-B8 to their original state, I have to call the entire A1-D8 Zone, even though only B1-B8 need changing, with the corresponding wait for the whole surface to load.

I was wondering if it was possible to make the initial Zone more granular, say break it down into the 4 rows (for the sake of argument), A,B.C and D. That way to return from my second B1-B8 zone all I need to do is call row B. Rows A,C and D haven't been changed by calling the second Zone, so don't need resetting.

I struck me that all that is needed to make this work is for the initial activator to be able to call (simultaneously) several Zones to populate the surface, instead of just one. So I break my current big FX Zone into several smaller Zones (depending how I want to carve up the surface) and the initial activator calls all of them together.

Then when I want to change just a bit of the surface, I can do that as I do now with GoZone and when I want to restore the original I can just GoZone to restore only the bit I've changed of the original activation.
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