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Originally Posted by Freex View Post
But I've had another idea, that could be very cool, but may not be in practice,

If on track selection the Slots splayed on the C4
showing the names of the FX.

By pushing on the knob then dropped you into that FX, then some other button push dropped you back out to the overview.

No idea if it's possible or all that desirable in the real world but in my head it seems like it would be a nice option.
Cool idea !!

So let's split this into:
OnTrackSelection -- which may optionally be triggered by a button, as in the post a few back

OnFXFocus works just like it does now, with the addition of being able to add extra pages for really complex FX.

OnTrackSelection could attempt to splay all FX, and if it determined there is not enough room on the surface, it could then switch to displaying all the FX names , a push would then drill down to a specific FX, just like OnFXFocus.

Does this sound like a direction worth pursuing ?
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