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Originally Posted by Freex View Post
In the FX redesign, could WE (I use the term very loosely) not have

1. a FX splays over the C4 and have scroll function for more knobs, using two buttons. (weather that be shift+slot or whatever)
Is that possible? How would we code the FX?

Or maybe

2. a second nested Zone for the rest of the FX be a better way.
So you could keep some knobs from Zone 1 live on A1-B8 and have C1-D8 over write with a button press. staying true to the new concept, a second button press would take it back to the Home Zone for that FX.

To change to the next FX slot on we use the slot up and down.

I'm looking at the C4 here, and really there are Slot UP, Slot Down, CH L, CH R, even the BANK L/R and SINGLE L/R could be utilised if needed (as they are really just duplicates).
All good points !!

Thanks for input on the new FX design !!
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