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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
I don't think so, give it a shot

[Edit]: Hmmm... on second thought, because of all that Zone Stack junk in the version you have things will likely foul up.
It does go a bit screwy But if it can be made to play nice with the focussed FX activator, the idea will work:

I made a simple channel strip, ReaStrip, with ReaComp and ReaEQ

	Zone "ReaStripComp"

	     DisplayUpperD5	FXParamNameDisplay	"Thresh"	"Thresh"	
	     DisplayLowerD5	FXParamValueDisplay	"Thresh"			
	      	   RotaryD5	FXParam			"Thresh"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushD5	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperD6	FXParamNameDisplay	"Ratio"		"Ratio"	
	     DisplayLowerD6	FXParamValueDisplay	"Ratio"			
	      	   RotaryD6	FXParam			"Ratio"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushD6	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperD7	FXParamNameDisplay	"Attack"	"Att"	
	     DisplayLowerD7	FXParamValueDisplay	"Attack"			
	      	   RotaryD7	FXParam			"Attack"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushD7	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperD8	FXParamNameDisplay	"Release"	"Rel"	
	     DisplayLowerD8	FXParamValueDisplay	"Release"			
	      	   RotaryD8	FXParam			"Release"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushD8	FXParam			"AutoRel"
	     DisplayUpperC5	FXParamNameDisplay	"Hipass"	"SC_HPF"	
	     DisplayLowerC5	FXParamValueDisplay	"Hipass"			
	      	   RotaryC5	FXParam			"Hipass"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushC5	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperC6	FXParamNameDisplay	"Lowpass"	"SC_LPF"	
	     DisplayLowerC6	FXParamValueDisplay	"Lowpass"			
	      	   RotaryC6	FXParam			"Lowpass"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushC6	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperC7	FXParamNameDisplay	"Knee"		"Knee"	
	     DisplayLowerC7	FXParamValueDisplay	"Knee"			
	      	   RotaryC7	FXParam			"Knee"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushC7	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperC8	FXParamNameDisplay	"RMS size"	"RMS"	
	     DisplayLowerC8	FXParamValueDisplay	"RMS size"			
	      	   RotaryC8	FXParam			"RMS size"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushC8	NoAction
	Zone "ReaStripEQ"

	     DisplayUpperD1	FXParamNameDisplay	"Gain-Low Shelf"	"Gain"	
	     DisplayLowerD1	FXParamValueDisplay	"Gain-Low Shelf"			
	      	   RotaryD1	FXParam			"Gain-Low Shelf"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushD1	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperD2	FXParamNameDisplay	"Gain-Band 2"		"Gain"	
	     DisplayLowerD2	FXParamValueDisplay	"Gain-Band 2"			
	      	   RotaryD2	FXParam			"Gain-Band 2"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushD2	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperD3	FXParamNameDisplay	"Gain-Band 3"		"Gain"	
	     DisplayLowerD3	FXParamValueDisplay	"Gain-Band 3"			
	      	   RotaryD3	FXParam			"Gain-Band 3"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushD3	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperD4	FXParamNameDisplay	"Gain-High Shelf"	"Gain"	
	     DisplayLowerD4	FXParamValueDisplay	"Gain-High Shelf"			
	      	   RotaryD4	FXParam			"Gain-High Shelf"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushD4	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperC1	FXParamNameDisplay	"Freq-Low Shelf"	"LF"	
	     DisplayLowerC1	FXParamValueDisplay	"Freq-Low Shelf"			
	      	   RotaryC1	FXParam			"Freq-Low Shelf"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushC1	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperC2	FXParamNameDisplay	"Freq-Band 2"		"LMF"	
	     DisplayLowerC2	FXParamValueDisplay	"Freq-Band 2"			
	      	   RotaryC2	FXParam			"Freq-Band 2"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushC2	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperC3	FXParamNameDisplay	"Freq-Band 3"		"HMF"	
	     DisplayLowerC3	FXParamValueDisplay	"Freq-Band 3"			
	      	   RotaryC3	FXParam			"Freq-Band 3"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushC3	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperC4	FXParamNameDisplay	"Freq-High Shelf"	"HF"	
	     DisplayLowerC4	FXParamValueDisplay	"Freq-High Shelf"			
	      	   RotaryC4	FXParam			"Freq-High Shelf"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushC4	NoAction			

	     DisplayUpperB1	FXParamNameDisplay	"Q-Low Shelf"	"Q"	
	     DisplayLowerB1	FXParamValueDisplay	"Q-Low Shelf"			
	      	   RotaryB1	FXParam			"Q-Low Shelf"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushB1	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperB2	FXParamNameDisplay	"Q-Band 2"	"Q"	
	     DisplayLowerB2	FXParamValueDisplay	"Q-Band 2"			
	      	   RotaryB2	FXParam			"Q-Band 2"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushB2	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperB3	FXParamNameDisplay	"Q-Band 3"	"Q"	
	     DisplayLowerB3	FXParamValueDisplay	"Q-Band 3"			
	      	   RotaryB3	FXParam			"Q-Band 3"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushB3	NoAction			
	     DisplayUpperB4	FXParamNameDisplay	"Q-High Shelf"	"Q"	
	     DisplayLowerB4	FXParamValueDisplay	"Q-High Shelf"			
	      	   RotaryB4	FXParam			"Q-High Shelf"			
	Toggle+RotaryPushB4	NoAction								
My C4.zon:
Zone Home
OnFXFocus MapFocusedTrackFXToWidgets
Lock MapSelectedTrackFXToWidgets
SpotErase ToggleMapSends

SlotUp Reaper _fba48393e4ca48f88d11cba0e4671ab3
SlotDown Reaper _265b374bdcd740f7af4550cd986e4e9c
TrackL Reaper _S&M_WNONLY1
TrackR Reaper _S&M_WNONLY2
Split Reaper _S&M_WNCLS3
BankLeft TrackBank -24
BankRight TrackBank 24
ChannelLeft TrackBank -1
ChannelRight TrackBank 1
Zone Send|1-8
	DisplayUpperD|  TrackSendNameDisplay
	DisplayLowerD|  TrackSendVolumeDisplay
	RotaryPushD| TrackSendMute
	RotaryD|  TrackSendVolume
I made a Reaper FX Chain with ReaComp and ReaEQ and saved it as ReaStrip.

In the FX chain, ReaEQ is re-named to ReaStripEQ and ReaComp is re-named to ReaStripComp to distinguish them from the .zon files that already exist for those plugins.

Open the chain, select the track and push Lock on the C4 and all the parameters appear on the C4

If you focus one of the plugins, OnFXFocus MapFocusedTrackFXToWidgets kicks in and just the focussed plugin's parameters appear. Press Lock again and they both come back.

Only slightly weird thing is Lock also causes the open FX windows to close, so I had to put _S&M_WNTGL5 on a button to reopen them. The trick is getting the FX windows open without the focus triggering the other activator

It all falls apart when you change tracks though
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