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Hold on...
Put down the screwdrivers just yet.

Grab a mic (a shit 57 will do in a pinch). You're going to record each speaker.

JS Tone Generator plugin.
Record 3 tones from each speaker separately. A high, mid, and low frequency. Pick something that's in the range of each driver in the speaker. (Two tones if these are only two way speakers.)
Then record a frequency sweep on each one. This will let you look at the cross-over points for any phase issues.

Mic in front of left speaker. Record. Beep Boop Bum Sweep. Repeat for the right.

Zoom in on the waves you recorded. You'll see if anything is out of phase and be able to evaluate each driver. There's no reason for any of this to be a mystery or difficult to evaluate. But real quick, out of phase speakers in stereo will throw everything to one side of the room.
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