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Originally Posted by unmixed View Post
All works straight out of the box no need for scripting...
I did several scripts to have the virtual instruments I use behave in the way I want them to behave, and not because Reaper requires me to do scripts to use it for live playing purpose (SWS LiveConfigs and friends "out of the box" provide all that is necessary for "standard" Live usage. I just don't understand why LiveConfigs, MidiToReaControlPath and PcToCc are not provided the the standard distribution of Reaper's, plus a section on "Live Playing VSTis" usage in the manual

I did not want to bash any producer of any appropriate VST player software. Only I found that, IMHO, Reaper is the most versatile option, and moreover the cheapest of all commercial offers in that segment (and on top of that I got one of the best DAWs "for free" within that package).

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