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Originally Posted by RussUK View Post
I can probably get them for free as I know the Groove 3 gang and also make tutorials for them, BUT I paid because I know:
1. How long it takes to make them,
2. That no one gets rich making them
3. Kenny is a cool guy, who by the way isn't going to be buying a Ferrari off selling them.
4. Most of all I bought them just to annoy Bungle or whatever the f**k his name is.

Keep doing it Kenny!

BTW I've reviewed them here
Basically what I thought too when buying them. Probably a lot of work for someone else (Kenny) that he could have used for doing something paid perhaps, and then there would be no tutorials for a newcomer like me.

Yes, I read loads, also in English which is not my first language. But nevertheless I find video instructions for something based on a GUI quicker for learning than switching between a manual and the software. I figured these videos would cost me what I am paid for one hour of work after taxes. And if it could save me at least one hour of studying using them, then what ...
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