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Default Can Reaper perform this function from's ALK?

Goal: Preprogrammed slightly complex hands free live looping.

(it's not necessary for answering my question, but check out alk2. Pretty cool stuff, they have a windows version coming next month)

Is there anyway to record an item and have it be looped out in a pre-arranged way?

My first thought was to group a bunch of blank midi items and just record overdub the first one using marker actions and whatnot. I was hoping the grouped items would update but they do not.

Can anyone offer any help?


edit: So after some more research.

You can "pool" midi items so I'm pretty sure that would work without much hassle.

Anything I record live like a vocal or guitar would have to have a different solution. You can "propogate" audio items but 1. I dont know if it would actually move the audio and 2. I doubt it would do it fast enough for live looping

I could possibly use an instance of the super 8 looper in conjunction with the regular reaper timeline. But I don't know if the timeline and super 8 can sync. Possibly instances of gLoop as well.

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