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Originally Posted by Freex View Post
As MixMonkey said, the null command should prevent any accidents.
Yup the NoAction Action is for just that.

Originally Posted by Freex View Post
Just out of curiosity would this scenario on the MCU be possible?
Where when you pressed the "sends button" the first send of each channel took over the pan knob, then you used the push on the pan knob to cycle thru the sends for that channel, also if you banked across, then sends followed the channels?
Thanks for improving the design, perhaps unwittingly

You actually just asked for 2 Navigators, a TrackNavigator and a SendsNavigator.

Hadn't considered that.

Ok, so new syntax for this, we can drop:
 Navigator TrackNavigator
and do something like this:

Zone Home
    SendsButton ToggleZone AllSends

Zone AllSends
   Included Zones

Zone Sends|1-4
    Rotary| SendVolume
    RotaryPush| Cycle SendsNavigator

Notice the AllSends Zone which simply contains all the Sends Zones -- this makes the Activation/Deactivation of all Sends by the single SendsButton easy to state.

Once again we see the separation of Activation (all Sends) and Navigation (a Send within a Track).

Does this make sense as a way to handle your Sends scenario ?
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